Learnhow to identify and eradicate dangerous plants.

On the North Coast, the focus of weed management promoted by Local Control Authorities is of a preemptive nature - keeping out new weeds and if new weeds are found; rapidly responding to eradicate or contain them before they become established. This modern approach to weed management makes a significant contribution to the sustainability of the region, its landscape and the communities it supports by ensuring a strategic approach to the management of invasive plants.

Weed Management


what is a weed?

A plant that is especially successful at colonizing and proliferating in disturbed areas, and/ or adapting to new areas. Weeds have the potential to destroy or seriously degrade areas of environmental significance and slash the returns from all agricultural industries. If not managed, weeds can have a serious impact on our region’s environment, scenic beauty, industry, employment and recreation.

Characteristics that favour weediness:

  • Prolific seed and/ or sucker production
  • Seeds produced under wide range of conditions
  • Seed germination under many environmental
  • in the open, shaded conditions
  • Ability to both self and cross-pollinate
  • Adaptations for short and long-distanced dispersal
  • Vegetative reproduction
  • Rapid growth of the plant

where new weeds are likely to appear?

(High risk/ priority sites)

  • Public Sale yards
  • Private Cattle yards
  • Aquarium Shops
  • Nurseries
  • Markets and Public Dumps
  • Site near waterway - bridges
  • Site near waterway - boat ramps
  • Properties adjoining those with High Priority weeds already
  • Waterways with limited riparian cover
  • Waterways with high nutrient load

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